The Difference Between Being Kind and Being Good

In life, we are often advised to always be kind. However, it is more important to realize that being kind is not necessary to live a happy and meaningful life. Kindness can make us vulnerable to being taken advantage of, stressed, and even disrespected by others. What truly matters is being good—a person who knows how to set boundaries and treat others fairly and compassionately.

Setting boundaries is essential to protect oneself and maintain healthy relationships with others. Do not fear rejection or saying no when feeling uncomfortable. This is not a lack of kindness but rather a way to preserve self-respect and inner peace.

Furthermore, being good involves acting out of genuine compassion and understanding. We can help others consciously and without expecting anything in return. Through empathy and support, we contribute to building a community based on trust and empathy.

With these principles, we can live a meaningful and fulfilling life, benefiting not only ourselves but also the society around us. Remember, kindness is just a small part of the key to a better and more meaningful life.

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